Meet the Crew

One day I decided - why not.  Shortly there after I convinced my girlfriend Ginny to join me and we signed up for Off Shore Sailing School's Fast Track to Cruising.  And so it began.  That was in September 2006, 8 months later in between sailing tests in the BVI - we got married.  Since then we have chartered in Tahiti and the BVI and bought our first boat.  We continue to cut our teeth everyday in the Pacific Northwest aboard our Pacific Seacraft Dana 24.

Ginny driving our, rented, 44 footer in Thaiti

First Mate Sadie - I'm in charge of navigation, napping and welcoming all visitors.  Some say I have unhealthly attachment issues with the captains.

First Mate BJ - I'm an old man and I'm not responsble for anything.  I eat everything, sleep anywhere and love tennis balls - but I won't fetch them (unless I'm briefly reliving my puppyhood).