Monday, October 10, 2011

Why Cold Feet?

We tend to get a lot of attention when visiting marinas. First and foremost they are simply drawn to the slick lines and traditional styling of our Dana 24. After confirming their suspicions as to the make of our fine little boat, they always want to know what breed of dog is BJ. But it's as they walk away that we catch a curious glance at our choice of boat name.

Some ask but most don't.

I decided to tell the story after our first stay in a boat yard for some work. When Cold Feet was finally paroled, Rowland, the manager at Seaview West had to ask "why Cold Feet?"

I chuckled at the question as I gave him the short answer - Ginny's feet are FREEZING - 365 days a year.

The real answer is a bit more involved. Once we had an accepted offer we started on the difficult task of naming our first boat. With our background we made this a full on planning effort, complete with a huge white board and enhanced by wine. We had several possible themes to choose from, the Army brought us together, we were both Army Signal officers, we love to travel, we love dogs - ours are part of the family and spoiled rotten, and we were married while learning how to sail in the BVI. Plus we like to drink wine... or just drink....

We started brainstorming names on the white board and drinking wine... Or rather drinking then brainstorming. It wasn't long before the whole white board was filled. We covered every possible theme with random names...

- Four Paws
- Breaking Squelch
- ...

While they all fit the various themes none really struck us. So we independently rank ordered our top 10 then compared lists - if a name made it on both of our top 10s it immediately made the short list. Low and behold from the bottom corner of the white board, a last minute add, Cold Feet made the short list.

The more we thought about it, the more we realized - that's us.

First I had cold feet with our relationship, in fact it took me seven, yes seven, years to see the light and propose to Ginny. I'd like to share blame with the Army for keeping us apart for several of those years but in the end I had Cold Feet.

Fast forward a few years and we both had cold feet about buying our first boat. While in Iraq in 2008 - 2009 cruising Yacht World became my daily escape. Once back at home I convinced Ginny to go to Seacraft Yacht Sales, they had a Flicka and a Dana 24 on their docks in Seattle. Once aboard the Dana we were sold, unfortunately the one we were standing on was just sold and way out of our budget. Two days later a new Dana hit Yacht World, outside of the budget but within reach. We contacted Max at Seacraft Yacht Sales, he was familiar with the boat, it was a great deal and we should make an offer immediately. As we looked at each other we knew it was shut up or put up time. As the list of unknowns continued to build our feet grew colder. Finally Ginny said "we're young - we'll figure it out". We jumped into boat ownership - Cold Feet and all.

So it started with my cold feet, then we both had cold feet and Ginny's feet are always cold - it was the perfect boat name for us.

Just in case you were wondering about BJ - we have no idea, he's a pound rescue from Arizona.

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