Monday, October 10, 2011

16 JUL 2011 - Mackaye Harbor and heading back to Port Townsend

It's about time I finish the blog entries from our July trip... Just slightly overdue. We left Fisherman's Bay mid afternoon for a short jaunt though Cattle Pass and on to Mackaye Harbor. We played with the sails a bit until the light wind just flat died out... We fired up Duke and hit Cattle Pass at exactly slack tide, the water was smooth as glass... Not the 10 knot surfing fun we had two weeks earlier.

Once safely anchored for the night we headed to shore with the puppies, throwing out the crab trap along the way. We were rewarded the next morning with a whopping 7 inch keeper.

The trip south to Port Townsend was an uneventful motor sail but fitting that we end the trip with running Duke to the finish line. Once near the Point Wilson Light we had to dodge three cruise ships and fog. Then sprint to the finish line in front of a ferry.

All in all it was a great first trip aboard Cold Feet - engine trouble and all. In Dave Letterman style we made a top ten list of what we learned... Cue Jimmy Buffet music...

Top 10 things we learned on our first cruise aboard Cold Feet

10. BJ is a star in the marinas
9. We have learned much but still have much more to learn
8. What ever can go wrong - will go wrong (GPS went out on day 1 and never returned).
7. Light wind sails are a must (Lucky saved the day)
6. Ginny would make a terrible cast-away ("there's that F'in house again")
5. We're wine-a-holics (the Lopez Island dry rose rocks)
4. The $124 BoatUS membership is worth it - don't skimp with the $24 membership
3. We've been neglecting maintenance
2. We don't know crap about diesel engines
1. We like it.

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