Sunday, July 17, 2011

13 JUL 2011 - The DUKE is back!!!!

Testing went exceptionally well and after 2 hours we felt confident to slip the dock lines and head out. Duke ran like a champ!! We ran him until we got out of Boundary Bay then hoisted the sails and headed southwest.

By noon we made the decision to press for Fisherman's Bay on Lopez Island - 40 miles from Blaine. We would have to motor sail a chunk of the way to make it before sunset. If we made it we could spend Thursday exploring, napping and visiting the Lopez Island Winery. Duke ran for seven hours with no problems. In fact he sounds better than he ever has and we've learned a valuable lesson about preventive maintenance.

Ginny made sure we stayed clear of a Costco freighter

The Patos Island light house

I think we missed dinner time...

Naturally it started to rain... So we donned the foulies

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Location:Lopez Island, WA

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