Sunday, February 13, 2011


It was time for a weekend on the boat... I had just finished 12 days in the field followed by a not so great week of work; and Ginny spent 3 weeks in Japan followed by a not so great week at work.  Friday night finally arrived and we were off to the boat with the dogs for a quiet, mind clearing weekend.

Once there we experienced, first hand, the Anacortes winter winds....  After rocking and rolling all Friday night we battened down the hatches, rigged the chart plotter up so we could watch the wind speed from inside and switched to travel mugs for coffee.  I was able to catch a picture of the chart plotter with a wind speed 39.8 kts (45.8 mph).  The forecast called for the winds to continue well into Saturday night, so I took advantage of the empty slip next to us and added some dock lines to help keep Cold Feet from being blown into the dock.  

45.8 mph winds!!
Since we were sequestered in the cabin I knocked out some work to hopefully ease the load this week (dad, notice the Apple sticker on my Dell).  Ginny tackled some cleaning and we both messed with our iPads.  Unfortunately we were only able to live vicariously through the dogs who napped, Sadie in our sleeping bag... so we had to mess around with her (plus it's her birthday - she's 8!),

We were going to head out on Sunday with a break in the weather but never quite made it out of the slip.  I did leave the extra lines since the forecast calls for gale winds again on Monday... Sorry Cap Sante Marina, hopefully no one will move in next door.

Have a great week.

-Kevin and Ginny

It's time to get up Sadie... Happy B-Day!
We got the dogs out during
break in the winds... I wonder
where Ginny is...?
Work on a Saturday
Go away... I'm napping... I might bite you...

What you think this is your sleeping bag?

Prepared for the next round of wind

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