Sunday, November 28, 2010

Wind damage and winter weather...

BJ was ready for the weekend trip!!

So Ginny, BJ and I (Sadie too) had been looking forward to Veteran's Day weekend for at least the three preceding weeks and thankfully the weather was looking promising!!  There had been high winds early in the week but it was forecasted to be 10-15 kts with 1-3 foot waves - perfect.  We were going to head to Bellingham for the weekend just to check things out.  Then we received news from our friend Tom who kindly checks on the boat while we're away.

Apparently the wind was a bit stronger than we thought, so strong that it rocked to boat enough to have the fenders land on the dock and thus slam the boat against the dock.  Naturally there was a knot in the wood runner along the dock that was in the perfect spot to do a number on the gelcoat. Thankfully Tom replaced our fenders and installed an emergency one on the dock.  So... Ginny and I spent the weekend learning how to repair gelcoat and all about the numerous layers of fiberglass and epoxy the comprise the hull of Cold Feet. 
Ginny helping the epoxy to "cure"

Kevin applying the epoxy

 This is a picture of a cross section from another Dana Hull, Doolittle, Dana #342.  I'm sure it would have been okay to sail her anyway but Ginny and I just didn't feel right about it.  We were doing great on the patch job until the last step... either the "match and patch kit" isn't that great or that's not my first Sam Adams....  Although it a sound repair job - it's pretty ugly.  I've already put my hands on a different gelcoat applicator and plan on re-patching it soon.

 We also took some precautions in the form of bumpers... lots of bumpers and some padding over the trouble spots.  

Over Thanksgiving weekend we decided not to head up to the boat and instead have a quiet dinner at home and celebrate Ginny's birthday.  We also took advantage of the winter weather and got our first tracks in this season on Crystal Mountain.  It was a good day to test out my new skis and boots before our big Whistler trip next month.

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