Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sailing with a Schedule...

STINKS!!  Last weekend started innocent enough with weather promising sunshine and good wind... we learned later that about 45 minutes after we left the slip the weather service issued a  small craft advisory.  Which explained why the wind was kicking our butts.  It wasn't really that bad but it's the stiffest wind we've been in... and we need more practice handling it.  On a positive note we sailed most of the way and figured out how to reef the main sail.  Our boom has a single line reefing system that worked like a champ.  

We spent Saturday night on a mooring ball at Spencer Spit State Park.  It was our second choice for this weekend but after the earlier adventure and a forecast calling for stronger winds in the evening - Spencer Spit went to the top of the list.  Not only did it offer a mooring ball but it would shelter us from the strong southerly winds. 

Sunday morning came with fog.  We tried to wait it out but after doggie business ashore and a slow breakfast it was getting late. So with the current going our way and Ray Charles, our Raymarine radar, we set off.  At first is was an eerie kind of cool, we had a strong sense of solitude, Ginny was calm but I was apprehensive... then the fog horns from the ferries started.  Ginny still calm?.... not so much.  But every thing went very well.  Thankfully the water was very calm, we have a kick ass radar system (Raymarine C80) and the currents were going our way.  We even docked like a champ.

Despite everything working out on Sunday we both knew that given a choice we would have waited out the fog.  So sailing with a schedule stinks. 

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