Sunday, September 12, 2010

____ its what's for dinner...

CRAB!!  We struck success with our crab pot in Deer Harbor and had a Labor day feast with the Bishops on Saturday - hamburgers, hotdogs, fresh Dungeness crab and shrimp that Gaew caught by hand from our dock.  

With the grandparents in town Dustin and Gaew had a rare weekend without the kids so we made plans to meet in Deer Harbor on Orcas Island.  They booked a cottage at the Deer Harbor Resort and we reserved a slip in the marina.

With the plan set Ginny and I headed out late Thursday night after work with the hopes of leaving early Friday morning.  We did better leaving at 1030 but we still have some work to do on early departures.  The sail up went pretty well expect we again had little to no wind.  There were some spurts of wind that allowed us to play with the staysail.  For the first time we had all three sails up and flying at the same time.  However we did have to motor most of the way.  After passing through Pole Pass and entering Deer Harbor we immediately had to start dodging crab pots, Kevin vowed to return in the P-Wagon with our crab trap.

The Bishops met us at the dock shortly after we pulled in.  Dustin and Kevin had a round of Sammies then headed out with the crab pot and a few travelers....  We made plans to meet later for dinner, maybe some crab.  Saturday we met for lunch and right away the fellas headed out to see if our chicken baited trap was going bear any fruit.  I never would have guessed it but apparently crabs like chicken.  We pulled two keeps on Saturday.  We had a great feast and yep - Gaew really did catch shrimp by hand!!  Saturday night we took the dogs for a walk just before sunset - it was really pretty.  About 10 minutes into the walk it started to drizzle, no big deal but then 11 minutes into the walk it started to rain pretty good, thankfully our new foul weather gear was safely dry on the boat.  Later we met the Bishops after dinner for a round of Siedler.  It's been ages since we've played. 

We had plans to head to East Sound on Sunday and then back home on Monday but as luck would have it Kevin was called into work on Monday.  So we had to cut the trip short and head home on Sunday.  True to form there was not wind on Sunday either. We again had to motor most of the way, we decided to shut the engines off for a while and make due with light wind.  The silence was peaceful but we were lucky if we made 2 knots and of course the direction we wanted to go was dead into the wind. During trip back the water was crazy calm, this picture is from Rosario Straight.  We took advantage of the calm waters and put the first mates in charge... they decided it was nap time.

Despite having to cut the trip short it was another great weekend on the boat and we covered 50.5 miles.  Dustin and Kevin reset the crab trap on Saturday... Sunday morning we caught 7 crab and a star fish.  Unfortunately only 2 crabs were keeps.  Big lesson from this weekend was - nothing beats fresh dungeness crab!