Monday, August 2, 2010

Our First Night out of the Marina

We finally did it, after last weeks attempt we made the necessary adjustment to leave early and actually anchor / moor somewhere....  We ditched work early, packed food from home, skipped breakfast Saturday morning and decided no farmers market this weekend... all so we could leave by 10:00 am - we barely made it.  Clearly we still need to make some improvements.

Arriving at the boat early allowed us to catch the free Friday night concert at the marina, have a drink on the deck while listening to the band, grab a pizza and meet Clay (former owner). 

So at the bright and early hour of 10:00 am we cast off after grabbing some coffee, crab bait and dinghy motor lock.  Out of the marina and ready to go, we headed into Padilla Bay with the plan to round Guemes Island to the north and grab a mooring ball at either Pelican Beach or Cypress Head on Cypress Island.  Only one problem - no wind, we had to motor the whole way (9 miles).

We arrived at Cypress Head by 1:30 and hooked the mooring buoy on the first shot!!  After stowing the sails and reading the P-Wagon (our dinghy) we took the dogs ashore for some exploring and doggie business.  Sadie quickly took care of business then refused to leave until we played fetch in the water, she loves to swim.  While Ginny opened a beer and made some snacks I assembled our crab trap and line for our first crabbing attempt.  We had chicken for dinner, better luck next time.

Cypress Island was great, it's very undeveloped (not even a ferry stops here).  Which would explain why it's a favorite of kayakers.  We had a lazy Sunday morning with extra coffee and pancakes before heading back in good wind for a great 11ish mile sail finishing with a tall ship sighting just outside of our marina.

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