Monday, July 26, 2010

Big Ray and our second sail

We're back from our vacation with Dad, Kelly and Andrew where we spoiled ourselves with a big boat and twin engines to help control her (a Moorings 4300 cat).

The big boat was nice but we still missed ours, so we rushed north to Anacortes to see her first chance we got.  I had high hopes for the weekend we'd sail 18 miles and spend our first night at anchor, it's always good to have a plan.  In reality we left extremely late (we had been on the boat for 3 weeks) sailed 7 miles, learned how to use Big Ray the autopilot, tried to flood the boat again (thankfully we have a reliable bilge pump, counter's up to 38) and returned to the marina at the end of the day.

Despite not realizing our initial plan, it was still a weekend on the boat and we learned valuable lessons like we really need to figure out how to leave/return to the dock and before heading out it's a good idea to close the galley and head sink seacocks (or the boat floods).

All in all a good weekend, I'm already making plans to for our first night at anchor next weekend, though this time it will be a little closer to home.

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