Monday, November 12, 2012

The Sea was Angry that Day My Friends...

I need to get back into the habit of frequent updates... once I let a week slip by before I know it not only have four weeks passed but several update worthy events are now "in the cue".

First some current news - we are moored in Annapolis MD nowadays and survived for our first storm, Hurricane Sandy. We spent the weekend before the storm battening down the hatches, stripping the decks, doubled all the dock lines, and even took down the dodger. For us it turned out to be a non-event, at the apartment the power flickered 4 times and the boat looked huge as it and the water rose to level the with the deck boards.

This weekend we planned to winterize for the first time. We did a bunch of research and looked over some handwritten instructions left onboard by the original owner. Over all it looked like a fair amount of work but nothing too complicated. We spent Saturday shopping but ran into a problem on Sunday - the sun was out, the wind was up... so we went sailing.

We had a great day on the water!! Even BJ was happy we took the boat out but admittedly First Mate BJ wasn't much help.
I think we'll winterize after Thanksgiving now...
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Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Lost Update...

Sooo I started this update in October apparently. Typical that random daily events would stack up and cause the days, weeks, and months to slip by. So now it's June and we're marking our second year into boat ownership with a bang. Here's our top three updates:
1. Cold Feet is still afloat, though we had some major work done last summer (replaced the cutlass bearing).
2. We're live aboards. Yep, we rented the house and moved aboard.
3. We're still employed - we didn't go that crazy.
And for a bonus update. We're heading east. We are being reassigned and moving east to Washington DC and the Pentagon in August.
Below is the update I started eons ago. Ginny was in Afghanistan for six months and though the dogs and I came to boat often, I never quite found the time or spark to update the blog.
Ginny returned in April and I received orders directing us to move east in early May. We made the decision to put the house on the rental market as early as possible and as luck would have it - casa de Cold Feet rented in one week.
Here are some pictures of Easter weekend at Winslow with the dogs.

And a good or bad thing about living in Seattle near the market...

10 OCT 2011 - Where have we been....
I can update the blog tomorrow... That's how it started... innocently enough, however repeat that for a few days and before you realize it's been 90+ days since we last updated the blog. I have no idea if anyone reads this... we don't really blog to pontificate issues or concerns but rather treat it as a digital journal, our way of capturing our experiences, misadventures and travels through boat ownership. To that end - where have we been/what have we been doing - a little bit of everything.
Case in point... I wrote the above almost two months ago... At least five months since our last update.
So what have we been up to - a little bitt a everything. We've been on the hard, jumped marinas... again, attended a Lin and Larry Pardey seminar, had a few guests and have started to figure out the off season project list.
I think it's best if I attack this monthly.
In July we finished our first big trip on Cold Feet spending two weeks in the San Juan Islands. We had a blast and learned some valuable lessons about Earl and preventive maintenance. July also saw the departure of Jim and Karen, fellow Dana owners who retired early and set sail. Last check they were enroute to Mexico. Their blog is under our reading list - they're a great couple with a million nifty enhancements to their Dana (s/v Sockdolager) to rig it for living aboard and offshore sailing. I've stolen a few ideas but plan on incorporating many many more.
After our trip Ginny decided that grey wasn't for her - grey teak that is. So we set about to strip off the flaking varnish. This would be the first of many projects where we significantly underestimate the work load and amount of time required. We barely finished before our appointment with Seaview Boatyard West. What did we barely finish... varnishing? No. It took us days and several long nights to just strip the teak. So we set out to abolish the grey teak and now all we have is grey teak.
Seaview Boatyard West - our first trip on the hard... I had decided that I wanted the patch on Cold Feet's starboard side finally fixed properly (the patch from our dock damage in Anacortes, NOV 10). Revisiting our initial survey it was also time for some bottom paint and John (our surveyor) mentioned something about a cutlass bearing - they better check that too. She should be back in the water in a week to 10 days. A few hours after dropping her off Rowland from Seaview called - cutlass bearing definitely needs to be replaced.
Now into August, almost four weeks and a pile of cash from dropping her off she finally splashed back down and was handed over to the captains. Seaview did an AWESOME job - we couldn't believe how much smoother the engine is now. And the time was prefect - it was my birthday and Dad was in town. Ginny gave me a present - the boat back in the water and Dad got to spend a great day on the water as we sailed from Shilshole Bay Marina to our new home in Elliott Bay Marina. We decided to jump to Elliott for the dogs and free showers, the one thing Shilshole was missing was a solid supply of grassy patches for dogs.
Interesting story about Dad and I picking up the boat. When Ginny and I took down the Jib... we didn't know what to do with the rolling furler's top spindle... so we sent it back to the top - that was a mistake. Now Dad and I were trying to figure out how to get it back down. We were working on several jiggy-rigs that were borderline safe... so as I stood on the boom trying to figure out how to gain an inch or two so I could tie off a halyard to my makeshift harness Dad asked "So is this something we can tell your wife about??" My response "Nope". Then cooler heads prevailed and I headed to West Marine for an ATN Mast Climber. Not a bad product, I'm sure there are better harnesses out there and I wish I could get a bit higher at the top of the mast but it works and works well.
Now into September... For Labor Day we head east to Moscow, PA to see Ginny's family before her "work trip". The trip started off with a flash back, we had to run - sprint actually - from the security line to the gate just barely making the flight. We were those people, the culprits that slink to their seats responsible for holding everyone up.
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